8 Top-Rated TV Streaming Devices in 2019

TV Streaming Devices! The 21st Century Coaster is traveling straight to the most-awaited, the most promising destination of all times; The Age of Technology. And during this journey, all might have to settle a bit. Naturally, not everyone will be able to get the accessibility and visual experience, similar to that of a window seat. But no worries! We’ve got the latest tech of today to keep you updated and equipped -A streaming device.

 It is a compact device that connects you with the outer world. In technical terms, this device streams content from the local network or the internet to your TV. Or let’s say, brings in the fresh air from the window ( Perhaps, a better and aromatic version of it). Designed for the same purpose as that of a fancy Smart TV, this portable smart device delivers current TV shows, movies, and even music. The software and interface of these wieldy devices are updated every year, to make them more and more compatible with the latest content and models of TV. Let’s have a look at the top 8 of these magical tools that seem fit for use even in 2019! 

TV Streaming Devices

TV Streaming Devices

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube 

Released in the last June, the Amazon Fire TV Cube aims to replace the remote controllers for televisions. The device is said to be a combination of the Amazon Fire Stick and Echo Smart Speaker. Installed with Alexa’s assistant, you can call out the name “Alexa” and control different smart home appliances. The entertainment hub feature allows you to instantly gain access to streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video. Also, you can view 500,00+ TV shows and movies in 4K ultra-HD quality. Moreover, one can even control the volume of the shows via voice command.

Google Chromecast Ultra (3rd Generation)

  • Chromecast Ultra 3rd Gen was released in the latter half of 2018. The device gloriously made its way to the front line of best TV streaming devices for 2019.
  • Powerful, fast streaming, Google Chmsungromecast is an HD streamer, capable of syncing with your phone and other media devices. The 2-inch wide circular dongle comes in either plain black or plain white sturdy exterior and features a micro-USB port, a built-in HDMI cable, and a reboot button.
  • Inexpensive media streamer enables content playback, app search, and private listening modes directly from your casting devices. The universality and flexibility of this device is certainly a major plus. Also, it supports two of the most popular HDR formats, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. 

Apple TV 4K (5th Gen) 

  • It wouldn’t be wrong to call the Apple TV 4K (5th Gen) an ultimate solution to best streaming devices. The streaming device has excellent content from applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and ESPN. Also, the 4K HDR technology augments the visual quality to a great extent. It clarifies the color expression details and displays the image most vividly. Hence, the viewer can access and watch hundreds of TV shows as well as movies. Equipped with Dolby Atmos, the Apple TV 4K (5th Gen) presents an immersive sound system that further enhances the viewing experience. Also, the streaming device consists of Siri voice-control, smart home control, photos, videos, and much more. The Apple 4K TV streaming device may appear as an expensive one, but the price is quite nominal when compared to its remarkable features.

Roku Streaming Stick + 

  • A minimalistic design and a weight 0.7 ounce, Roku Streaming Stick+ is a reasonably-priced streaming device with exceptional compatibility and features. The small-sized device provides 4K streaming and gives access to more than 5000 channels. The device is easy to use with a remote. With its slick and streamlined interface and phenomenal performance, it is only a matter of seconds before you can enjoy your desired movie, free from unwanted interruptions. You can even organize your apps, making the favorite ones most accessible.

Nvidia Shield 

  • Nvidia Shield has gained massive recognition ever since it first stepped into the market. The ravishing streaming device along with the gleaming remote and a dynamic game controller. With the advanced 4K HDR technology, the Nvidia Shield competes Apple in visual quality. The color display and vividness is better than before. The bright and dark scenes contain a mote realistic and natural touch. Also, the installation of the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor and Android Oreo operating system signifies quicker work performance as well as enhanced accessibility to the latest applications. You can access to numerous TV shows and movies through the Plex Media Server. The built-in Google assistant makes the Nvidia Shield compatible with other smart devices. Connect your smart home appliances with Google assistant or use Alexa.

Roku Premiere Plus  

  • Release of Roku Premiere Plus has allured many purchasers to the company. The product provides excellent features for the price it sells. The high-quality display, accessibility to different platforms, remarkable content, smooth streaming, impressive audio system, integrated remote design, and much more has won the heart of the millions. The only drawback that has arisen is that some of the polished applications differ in quality from others.


The TiVO Bolt OTA is a streaming device that is ultra-efficient when it comes to savings. The device provides an outstanding visual experience with a 4K HD display along with a 150 HD hours storage. Thus, you can download multiple TV seasons, movies, sports matches, broadcasts, and much more. You can access all the latest TV seasons via Netflix, PLEX, and other applications. You can skip commercial advertisements by Skip mode and forward the slow parts using Quick mode. Also, connect your other smart devices with TiVo Bolt OTA and cherish a movie session on multiple devices through casting. All these features are available at a much nominal price, and you do not need to even pay for a cable TV subscription!

Dish Air TV streamer

Considering the rising prices of smart TVs, media streamers like this one have become immensely popular amongst masses. Even trusted brands like Eurostar are bringing forth such models. They may perform exceptionally, but the Eurostar TV price may not fall into your budget. Every device has separate pros and cons, but if your current budget is tight. You can stream all the content you want with this Dish Air TV Streamer. The device provides access to various TV shows and movies. You can watch anything you want that too in 4K HD display. The high-quality offers a clear, realistic, and vibrant color display so that you can experience an excellent recreational time.

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