7 ways How to Convince your parents to let you travel alone

How to Travel alone: If you live with an overprotective parent, you know how difficult they can be at times. For some reason(s), they tend to feel uncomfortable when we want to travel without them, especially when we want to go alone.

When this happens, you can’t do much, but you can look for some ways to convince them to let you go alone. And that’s precise what I’m covering in this article. I don’t like wasting time. Let ‘s dive right in.

7 Smart Ways of Convincing Your Parents to Let You Travel Alone

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Prove to them you can do it alone

It will be much easier to say YES if you had already proven to them that you could. To do this, start with short distances trips. You can travel from one city to another or move to neighboring countries to prove to your parents that you can go alone.

Just make sure you don’t scare your parents by listing unfriendly countries like Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Honduras, among others. Some of the countries have a high rate of terrorism, crime, and unfriendliness.

Ensure them you’re going to be safe

The best way to ensure your parents you’re going to be safe is to travel with an agency or travel company. Travel companies are always careful about their tourist’s safety and will take precautions and even a contingency plan for any trip they want to embark. This way, your parents will worry less.

You can also take vaccines and reassure them that you’ll let them know every move you make while on your trip.

Promise them you’ll stay in touch

Have you ever gone out and stayed out so late that your parents give you a call to know your whereabouts? Yes, they were worried. And they’ll have the same feeling if you don’t stay in touch.

Get A Travel Insurance

Another way to convince mum and dad about your trip is to get travel insurance. Once you get yourself good insurance cover, you’re reassuring your parents that if anything should go wrong, you have an insurance that covers your trip. 

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Should you get injured or misplace a valuable item while on your trip, your insurance will cover all or part of the expenses. Make sure you leave a copy of your insurance documents at home.

Get Your Parents Involved with Travel Planning

Be a genius! Get your parents involved in your planning. It is essential for your trip, especially when you ask them questions about your trip and gets their views and recommendations.

It reassures them that although you insist on traveling, you’re ready to listen to all the recommendations they have for you to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Saving Enough Money.

Start saving! Yeah, right now and make sure you have enough before you approach them about your trip. Usually, when mum and dad don’t want to permit you to travel, they might question where you’re going to get the money to sponsor the trip. So, make sure you have enough to show them you’re capable and mean business. Who knows, they might even add up.

Research About Your Trip and Impress Them

Get to know more about your destination. The most important things you should know are the time-zone, local currency, vaccines you’ll need (very important), among others. It will show that you’re serious about the trip and you have made enough efforts to make sure you have a safe trip. Healthy Recipies


You should be able to give a substantial reason to why you want to travel abroad. Don’t be confused. It is pretty simple. These are the WHYS! Still confused?

Check this out;

  • Mum, I want to travel to learn about different cultures and traditions
  • Dad, I’ve always been curious about African heritage, and I’d like to know more about their custom.

When trying to convince your parents about your trip, know that this can be a very frustrating process. However, if they still don’t think you should travel, stay calm, and act like an adult. Just let them know you understand that they’re worried about your safety. You might never know, they might end up making you travel alone.

Enoch Amenuvor wrote this guest post. He’s the author and founder of Bold Nerds, a place where he shares tips that make life easier. Enoch resides in Ghana with his slightly hostile cat and a chubby dog. You should get to know me.

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