Trampoline Park Manufacture, Design & Safety

Trampoline park concept is one of the important playground equipment for the kids belong to any age. It builds the athletics abilities of children. It is an elastic play area which can be squared or circular with different sizes. It can be manufactured in a large city like a complete park or play yard, and it can be manufactured on a 4-meter square area.

Trampoline Park Manufacture

Trampoline Park Manufacture

It is one of the oldest ways to try different moves in the air for a long time, and its first shape was an elastic board in a small area to perform stunts without any danger. After the end of World War II, trampoline became popular with time. The first unofficial contest of trampoline was held in the USA in 1947 with the help of springboard or elastic board. The same competition played in 1954 officially in the USA.

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How Trampoline Contest Played

In the trampoline contest, every candidate performs two routines, one declared optional and one declared compulsory. In each routine, every player can touch eight times to ground with their body parts. Scoring and grading based on the difficulty of stunts and perfection of performance. In these basic, a champion is declared of the contest.

Trampoline Park Manufacture

From the era of the 1950s coaching centres for trampoline become familiar as the popularity of this game. It was common in schools for kids as co-curricular activities. Then due to compromise on the quality of equipment and the critical skills complaints were registered on a trampoline. In 1977 it was banned in schools and coaching centers.

In 1995, the International court decided to liable the manufacturers for repetitive use of Trampoline Park. It remains the accessible and beneficial source of exercises — this real source of fun as well as health benefits.

Raw Material for Trampoline

Four essential components of trampoline the tubing, spring, jumping mat, Safety pads.

Trampoline Park Manufacture
Basic Structure
  1. Tubes or rode used for making frames and basic structure of Trampoline Park. It is made of steel and can be bought from steel suppliers for certain width and length. U shaped legs are welded with the basic frame.
  2. Springs are used to producing more elasticity to bounce higher on the trampoline. These springs can also be bought from suppliers in the market of specific size and flexibility.
  3. Jumping mat was made up of woven fiber in the early times. Nowadays, it is made up of artificial fiber like nylon or polyethylene.
  4. Safety pads are used for the comfort of the body. This foam typically outsourced from other companies.

Quality Control

The American Society for Testing and Material had set some quality guidelines for a trampoline. Their team check the material and quality of trampoline and its lifetime. This was the suggestion to less the frame of trampoline to make it more secure from accidents.

In recent time, UK Company Inwood Rayn has done that by manufacturing frameless trampoline. It was manufactured just for the safety of hitting with frame. Here is another company trying to do so but have not succeeded yet. The Company’s Website Link has shared to get in touch with them. They are quality trampoline park manufacturers in the recent times.

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