5 Tricks for Lightning Fast Internet

Here we are discussing lightning fast internet because it is nothing more frustrating than having to wait for a website page to load. I seem capable of only thinking about all the time I am wasting. Even though it’s a few seconds, which let’s be honest, would have likely been spent anyway. Nevertheless, it still hurts that they spent waiting on that page to load.

Lightning Fast Internet

Lightning Fast Internet

Reasons Your Internet Is Slow

Personally, internet connectivity is critical for me. Whenever I have had to shift homes, I always wait till I get my compatible modems installed. Many things can affect your internet speed. The wireless router could be malfunctioning, or it could even be an issue with the provider. So before anything else, it is crucial to check on the current internet speeds you are getting. You can use tools like Speedtest.net to review your current rates.

There could be a significant difference in your speed and the internet plan you have opted. If you are facing that, then you might need to contact your internet service provider. It could be an issue from their end. However, if the item is not from your service provider, then there are things you can do. Improving your internet speeds isn’t as difficult as you might think.

5 Tips for Getting Faster Internet

1.     Reset Your Modem and Router

2.     Test for Viruses or Apps

3.     Shut Down Extra Connected Devices

4.     Check Your Wi-Fi Security

5.     Change Wi-Fi Channel

#1. Reset Your Modem and Router

Sometimes the problem can be with your Wi-Fi router or modem. There could be a malfunction which results in slower internet speeds. Check to see if all the lights on the modem and router are lighting up as they should. Make sure that the views that are supposed to be stable are stable. And those that are supposed to be blinking are blinking.

With some malfunctions, the lights remain as they should, but the router or modem is still malfunctioning. It is always best to reset your wireless router as well as your modem. It is essentially like restarting your mobile device or computer. It resets your modem and router to their default settings.

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#2. Test for Viruses and Apps

Sometimes the problem is not with your internet connection, but with your device. Some viruses work by overloading your system. If that happens then even though your internet speed is excellent, it may seem like it’s slow. That means your system or browser is actually at fault. A thorough virus check can help you find and quarantine the infected files.

Additionally, it is essential to check that there aren’t any running apps or programs on the device. Some apps and programs could be running in the background and be eating away your data. That would also result in slower browsing speeds. If there are any downloads, or programs open, then close them.

#3. Shut Down Extra Connected Devices

Today we have many more connected devices around our homes and offices. We have things like Alexa which use data regularly. And we have less obvious IoT devices like thermostats, coffee makers, and even TVs. All these appliances use data. And they could be slowing down your internet speeds.

Similar to open apps, these IoT devices could be over-burdening your internet connections. Try switching off all the tools and check to see if your internet speed is back up. If it is, then try switching your appliances back on one by one. Check your internet speed after you turn on each device. That will help you find the one that is causing the most damage.

#4. Check Your Wi-Fi Security

We hardly ever think about people stealing our Wi-Fi. Though it is not lovely to suspect your neighbors, it happens more than you might think. Many people try to take Wi-Fi connections from their neighbors. You might think that you if you have set a password, your Wi-Fi connection is secure. But that is not always true. There are readily available programs that can help someone retrieve your Wi-Fi password.

To avoid other people using your internet connection, you should try to change your Wi-Fi passwords regularly.

#5. Change Wi-Fi Channel

If you have tried everything and still nothing has improved your speed. Then there is one hail-marry that might work. Changing the channel on your Wi-Fi router. It is effortless to do. It is a setting change. Like selecting another channel on your television. You will likely find the channel settings under the Wi-Fi properties tab.


Slow internet speeds can mean that you are not able to relax and catch up on your favorite shows. There is nothing worse than that after a long day. Though I love that thing like Spectrum internet packages with higher internet speeds, we do not always get to enjoy them. Using these 5 tips, you can always ensure that you’re getting the fastest internet speeds possible.

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