9 Lip-Smacking and Healthy Non-Veg Evening snacks

Evening snacks are more important because the evening is the time of real experimentation. Something endeavored, something is done. It’s time to relax, cheer, and explore ourselves somewhat more. Evenings clear away the rust of the whole day. The ways of relaxing differ from person to person. The lazy birds love to sleep, food-lovers jump on the right food, and so many such things. But what, if you can get the mouth-watering food in the evening and even at your doorsteps…? Yeah…!! It is a bit like a rainbow on a rainy day.

Evening snacks

Evening snacks

There are so many online stores that are offering you delicious and lip-smacking dishes and snacks at jaw-dropping prices using KFC Coupons. And other discount offers to cherish your evenings even more.

Let’s discuss some of the healthy dishes that you can make your taste buds taste in the evenings.

1.     Chicken Fingers + Curried Ketchup

Chicken fingers or chicken tenders or chicken goujons or chicken fillets or only chicken meat prepared with the white meat. These lightly breaded, garlicky chicken strips need a buttermilk marinade. You can serve it with curried ketchup, or your favorite dipped sauce. You can even take it alone and can enjoy this family-friendly meal.

2.     Lemon Herb Chicken

Lemon Herb Chicken, the juicy breasts are the protein-rich snacks and well known because of their easy to make and quick cooking (approximately 30 mins). This dish proves the fact that not every delicious meal demands a lot of ingredients.

The lemon and the tomatoes add an incredible brightness, juiciness, and flavors to the dish. The dish comprises olive oil, lemon juice, thyme leaves, freshness and goodness of mixed herbs and such essential and nutrient-rich products. 

3.     Chicken Tikka Croquette

Boneless, Juicy chicken pieces are rolled, marinated and mixed and wrapped in masalas and bread crumbs and then deep-fried to perfection.

4.     Thai style Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is an Indian subcontinent chicken dish especially popular in North India. Its recipe includes the necessary step of marinating the chicken in spices and yogurt and then served with tomato sauce and rice. You can take it as evening snacks or as a complete dinner. It depends on your hunger and mood.

5.     Chicken and Milk Stew

One of the healthy snack – chicken and milk stew can be another choice you can make to serve your hunger. Milk is no doubly the nutrient-rich product and also adding on the crunch of lightly seasoned chicken increases more power of it.

Chicken and milk strew prepared by cooking lightly seasoned chicken with juice, herbs, garlic, and a hint of lemon. You can serve it or take it with crispy and hot garlic bread.

6.     Murgh Highway Tikka

Another boneless and spicy morsel of chicken with green and red chili flakes are also one of the proven healthy, crispy. And mouth-watering snacks to serve your hunger prangs in the evening.

One can order such delicious and lip-smacking non-veg dishes and snacks using KFC Offers. They will not only make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite food at your doorsteps. But it also helps you to save more money by offering you deals and offers.

7.     Reshmi Kabab

Reshmi Kabab/Tikka is a Mughlai Chicken Kabab, famous for its silky and soft texture. It is also known as Chicken Malai Tikka. In this boneless chicken, the leg is marinated with cashew paste, spices, and cream and cooked in tandoor or oven.

Reshmi kebab is proven to be healthy as it seasoned with almonds, butter, cashews, and so many nutrient-rich products as per your choice.

8.     Laksa Chicken Tikka

  Laksa Chicken Tikka is another chicken dish or snack marinated with the flavors of yogurt, laksa paste, and finally, chicken pieces grilled on the charcoal fire. You can serve it or take it with spicy soup.

The main laksa recipe is a flavor-packed, punchy and coconutty corker of the whole dish.

9.     Mutton Korma

Lamb Korma/Mutton Korma is a traditional fragment qorma indeed to die for and also considered as the best and the healthiest lamb/ mutton recipes to try.

One can also try mutton masala, mutton biryani, mutton karahi to taste more flavors.


Variety is the real spice of life. So, don’t stick your life to eating the same food regularly. Keep on trying new, mouth-watering and yes the most crucial healthy diet so that you can convert your daily boring life into an adventurous life by adding new flavors and crisp into it.

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