How Many Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

Calories in a Glass of Red Wine either it is red Wine or White Wine. It depends on how much you pour a glass. Regular serving size of the red wine glass is 147mm or Five Ounces Glass. A Five ounces red wine glass consist of 125 calories. Typically, according to the medical perspective, 100 calories from red Wine acceptable for normal health. Otherwise, it can cause many health problems. More precisely 25 calories per ounce red Wine is ratio. Technically, If you are using four ounces of glass for red wine. It will save your red wine intake.

Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

Calories in a Glass of Red Wine

Calories in Red Wine Bottle

A complete bottle of red Wine consists of 5 to 6 Glasses of five ounces. A Normally recorded ounce in a bottle of red wine is 25.5 Ounces which means around 640 calories exist in a bottle of red wine. These are calories to complete one bottle of red wine.

Calories in Red Wine Bottle

Calories Counting Formula

If you want to know about the formula to count calories in a glass of red wine. Here you can know about the formula. Normally, you must know about the ABV about Wine. ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume. Multiplication of Number of ounces and ABV with 1.6 will give you the number of calories. For Example 5 ounces red wine with 14 percentage of ABV then it will be equal to 112 Calories. Just as shown below.

14 Percent ABV x 5 Ounces x 1.6 = 112 Calories

Effect on Belly Fat

Most of the researcher agreed that Wine could be the cause of belly fat. But no such evidence found in that point in normal condition and normal usage. When you drink Wine from out of limits and add the number of calories in daily diet. Then, due to the use of extra calories, you can be fatty after some days.

A Suggest amount of Wine by doctors and researchers is one glass of red Wine for women with four ounces poured having 100 calories and One two glasses for men with the same specification of quantity in a day. It will help to avoid belly fat.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

There are a lot of health benefits of red wine. From the top of the most is heart Health. Yes, heart health, you would be amazed, but it is true. Wine ingredients, especially red Wine, shows the improvement in the health of heart if these are used within Limits that have been discussed above.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

If you are in search of a low calories wine, it is going to be a hard-luck for you because of this a not a normal task a very few companies available for this Wine. A Brand Skinnygirl’s some products have low calories wines. These are too much costly, and five ounces glass consume 100 calories.

Side Effects

Different Kind of allergies can make impact your skin and body with the usage of Wine regularly. That is why you should be aware of the side effects. If you are feeling some disorder in your body after a drink of Wine. You should consult with the physician or doctor for treatment and suggestions.

Bottom Line

In this article, we discussed the red Wine and the calories in a glass of red wine. There are 125 calories in a glass of five ounces red Wine. Around 640 calories in a bottle of red wine with 25.5 ounces size. Then we discussed the belly fat effect with wine drinking. Some health benefits and side effects of red Wine also addressed in the end.

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