Few Techniques to handle a busy schedule and make more time

It said that remaining busy with no recreation (busy schedule) can trigger frustration in a person. Likewise, being overworked with little productivity can demotivate an otherwise hardworking individual. One can always manage to deliver more in limited time with bit cautious planning and time management. There are few techniques that can help in reducing work pressures and improving performance.

Busy schedule

Busy schedule

Overcommitment is lethal to work

Neither acting over smart is okay not being overcommitted. Interestingly both are interrelated. Some people suffer from overconfidence. Even though confidence is reasonable, but an excess of anything is harmful. When one considers themselves as superheroes or believe we can execute multiple tasks at the speed of a bullet. That is where one is profoundly mistaken. Taking workload based on your unreal expectations from yourself can make you feel like a failure. It can trigger stress and affect your productivity negatively. So first you need to understand if your schedule is “busy” or you made it appear so. If its the former then try to sort it out with your seniors. If it’s latter, then do some self-evaluation and take a practical workload only.

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Social life and commitments: Where to draw the line

Maintaining work/life balance is a tricky thing. Its both excess and absence can adversely affect your progress at work. If you lack it, then you might get depressed from your work life. It means you will start hating your job soon when you are unable to find a balance between your work and family/social life. If you are overly busy and not considering yourself in a position to take out time for friends and family, then don’t hesitate to talk with your seniors and take a break. It is the form of a few days’ vacations or shortening of work hours for a while. In this way, when you will return to your original form of work, you will feel more energetic to deliver more in lesser times. You might have felt overworked for not being able to make it for quality family time.

On the other hand, having more than needed recreations and socializing can make you lazy. And you start getting bored from work and crave for social life more. Don’t let your social life be a distraction from work. Always remind yourself, it’s for the fact that you are earning that your friends surround you and your family is happy. Otherwise, you will end up as apparently useless and penniless jerk. Who wants such an image? So keep your social life in limits and utilize maximum from your work schedule. You are already short of time, why would you want to decrease it further just to be overworked later on?

Having a disciplined way of life is a big blessing

Always keep a planner and track your time regularly. Do schedule things based on priorities and stick to your time table. Keep a realistic timeframe for every task and see if you delivered it in the assigned time? But you can’t do that manually. Either you will forget to note time entries or would procrastinate to keep a track. For that, you need good staff time tracking software. It will track time with real-time monitoring techniques. And this way you will utilize your time more effectively and reach your daily targets. Also, it will tell you which tasks might be taking more time, and you need to adjust your routine likewise.

But discipline is not limited to the workplace

Maintaining a strictly followed routine and haphazard lifestyle at home can never develop the connection. If you remain up for more extended hours or keep watching a movie after midnight, the sleep pattern will be affected, and you won’t be as motivated and active at work as you thought to be. If you want to make more out of your time, then the presence of mind is paramount. And for that, your mind and body need rest. It can’t keep working round the clock. So reaching at work mentally fresh can make you execute tasks quickly and efficiently.

Social media is a productivity killer Using social media applications at work can distract you from your focus on work and divert you towards futile activities. Even if you were planning to spend a few minutes, it might end in half an hour at least. Also, if you resumed working your mind shall keep hovering around a friend’s new car, or a provocative post. Or it can be a text you felt compelled to reply or some news. Either way, it’s bound to remove your focus. So how to eliminate your habit? It’s not more comfortable to handle social media addictions unless you feel monitored. Again a time tracker that captures every minute screenshot can keep you deterred from squandering time on social media.

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