How to Identify that You have Asthma

Asthma or Bronchial Asthma is a disease that affects the respiratory system. It is a condition in which the airways undergo an inflammation. The airways swell up and become narrow as a result of which extra mucus formed. The formation of this excess mucus blocks the passage of air and makes it difficult for a person to breath. Asthma can also trigger coughing and wheezing. Asthma can be a significant problem and can hinder your daily activities. There are different kinds of Asthma separated by age and severity.



1. Shortness of breath-

A healthy human breathes ten to twelve times a minute. Regular breathing involves the total intake of oxygen, and the full expiration of carbon die oxide. If you at time feel the shortness of breath, you might have asthma. Do not overlook the shortness of breathing and consult a doctor.

2. Chest tightness or pain-

It is an unpleasant experience in which the chest muscles become heavy. And a feeling that something substantial has put upon your chest is ordinary. A crushing experienced in the chest with the tightening of its tissue. It makes breathing difficult.

3. Regular coughing-

It is time to consider a visit to the doctor if your cough keeps on coming. Coughs are usual if you have a viral fever or if you are not immune to cold. Normal cough resulting from temperature goes away within a week. If your cough stays long or returns after the regular interval, it might be a sign that you have asthma. Most of the time, coughing worsens in a particular time of the day, like in the morning and at night.

4. Wheezing-

Wheezing is a condition where a whistling sound produced every time you breathe out. The music or the noise produced is usually of a very high pitch. Sometimes, the wheezing comes and goes away. Even if the noise production stopped, do not refrain from the visit a doctor. Consider consulting an expert also if you experience wheezing for once.

5. Increased mucus formation-

Mucus is a sticky substance formed by the cell membranes. Accumulation of mucus is a very normal and regular process. It increases if you get cold or as a result of specific allergies. If you witness the production of mucus in an extraordinary amount, it is time to visit a doctor. It is also a symptom of asthma. Do not overlook it.

6. Rapid breathing-

As the air sack gets inflated, the required amount of oxygen fails to get in. As a result of which rapid breathing happens to compensate for the right amount of oxygen. If you experience the need to breathe more than 10-12 times per minute. It can be a hint for you to understand that your air sacks are not in a healthy condition and that you might have developed asthma.

7. Exhaustion-

People having asthma tend to get exhausted by a bare minimum physical activity. It is because exercises of physically challenging events trigger the oxygen need inside us. But due to the swelling of air sacks, it becomes difficult to intaking the adequate amount of oxygen. Oxygen could not reach to the constraint muscles and makes the person feel tired. If you think that it is happening with you, it is a must that you consult the doctor and take expert advice.

8. Trouble sleeping-

Experiencing pain while sleeping is another primary symptom of asthma? You will probably feel the need to sleep in a heighten pillow, or experience difficulties in breathing while sleeping.

9. Regular Cold-

Although it is normal for many people to get cold with the change in season, there are certain conditions where you do not get the reason behind your cold. One of the significant symptoms of asthma includes getting prone to cold and sometimes experiencing fever more than often.

10. Abnormal breathing rhythm

The process of taking oxygen in and exhaling carbon die oxide takes place in a particular rhythm commonly known as ‘club-dub.’ It is more likely that the rhythm of your breathing will get disturbed if you have asthma, and you will experience a high peak exhalation and inhalation.

These are the symptoms of early asthma. If you are already an asthma patient, there are symptoms which might tell you that your asthma has worsened. It includes an inadequate response to your medicine or quick relief, the increased need to use your Asthalin Inhaler 100mcg. If you experience one or two of the above symptoms, it likely that you have got asthma. Although asthma is a kind of disease which is incurable, the symptoms can control if taken proper care. Do not delay from visiting your medical advisor who will help you identify the potential signs and asthma and provide you with advice for dealing with the disease.

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